Shirt Cuff Button Plying Card Device

New Shirt Cuff Button Plying Card Device

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New Shirt Cuff Button Plying Card Device

The Shirt Cuff Button Playing Card Device is a fabulous device for the playing cards game.Thisdevice is the most advanced and significant device in the Spy market. A small scanner is hiding inside the button of cuffs that examines all the numbers and suites of the opponent's cards covertly without notifying anybody about it and updates all the details to user through vibrating device or earphone. This device looks very stylish and works efficiently by providing you all the details of opponent's cards. You can easily use this device for any secret operations and suitable for any card related games like Rummy, Teem Patti Mau- Mau, etc. so now win each game of cards and be the most talked about Poker in Casinos.


1 - Product is made with latest Technology which fulfills all customer needs.
2 - Built with latest Technology and very convenient to use.
3 - It is user friendly and User doesn't require setting it again and again.
4 - This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player without notifying others.
5 - This device has pre -installed Hidden camera built inside.
6 - Device is very compatible and handy so that you can carry it anywhere.
7 - It is very comfortable while using and do not make any noise and light blinking which makes it imperceptible.

Package Contents

Product comes with Shirt Cuff Button Playing Card Device which is specially made with latest technology, connector, charger, Deck of cards and carry box which comes with one year of company warranty.

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