LED Light Playing Cards Device

LED Light Playing Cards Device

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LED Light Playing Cards Device

Playing cards games are not only made for fun and entertainment but also to earn money which requires Tricks and Intelligence and Luck. It is not possible to win every game through your trickeries. Therefore, you need a device which could help you in winning every game. LED Light Playing Card Device is a modern and innovative device in the world of gambling. It is very helpful for those who love to play cards in Casinos. This device has Wide Angle View to capture the good area around the opponent. The specialty of this device is that a small and powerful camera is hidden inside this LED light. And, it can view the face of your challenger's card from the behind and your opponent will never recognize it. At the same time it will easily get connected to a wireless output device like TV, Computer, and LCD, kept in the observing room. The person sitting in observing room will direct the player and give details of opponent's card through some vibrating device which will help you to win all the games. So get ready to be the most remarkable and prominent poker in casinos.


1 - Product is made with latest Technology which fulfills all customer needs.
2 - Built with latest Technology and very convenient to use.
3 - It has Wide Angle view to capture clear and large area view.
4 - It is user friendly and User doesn't require setting it again.
5 - This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player without notifying others.
6 - Opponents will not able to notice the way camera is fitted in the LED Light and this is inconspicuous.

Package Contents

Product comes with LED Light Playing Card Device which is specially made with latest technology, Deck of Cards, charger, User Manual and carry box which comes with one year of company warranty.

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